2023-2024 Legislative Outreach Program

Legislative action is a core pillar of the VFW that provides life changing support for its members and the veterans community at large. Further, as the VFW leads on issues that help our veterans, our leadership can inspire others to join us as Comrades in our organization. Over the course of the next 12 months, the VFW Department of Hawaii will be working relentlessly, fighting on issues at the state and national levels that are of dire importance to the health and safety of our community. We will be tackling the issues of toxic exposure and the need for presumption of benefits; VA drug over-prescribing and the suicides of veterans under VA care. Additionally, we will be working on a variety of issues that are part of the VFW National Legislative Agenda, which are needed for the betterment of our community. To that end, we will only be successful if our Posts engage with their elected officials, fighting for the welfare and benefits of our veterans and their families. 

As such, we ask that Post Commanders work directly with the Department Legislative Chairman George Barlett to stay abreast of active legislation, and to help identify a volunteer "Post Legislative Advocateā€ at every post (these individuals can also be the Post Commander, Adjutant or Quartermaster, the only requirement is that they be passionate about advocating for veterans and their families, and that they are organized and communicate with the Department Legislative Chair regularly). 

Post Advocate Position Responsibilities

  • Extremely Professional. These individuals represent the VFW and its members and will be in direct contact with state and federal legislators and their staff, and professionalism is needed to maintain long-term relationships with these offices.
  • Provide updates on communications with elected officials to the Department Legislative Chairs,
  • These individuals should adhere to the talking points provided from VFW National and Department Headquarters  
  • All Post Adjutants/Commanders should provide updates, at minimum quarterly, to Department  Legislative Chair George Barlett.  
  • Post Advocates should also be encouraging all new and existing members to enroll for the VFW ACTION CORPS weekly, and to inspire others to become active in fighting for veterans and their families.


Email the legislative team: vfwhawaii@yahoo.com


 VFW Action Center


Hawaii Senators, Representatives and Bills:   Hawaii State Legislature

U.S. Senators:       

Senator Mazie Hirono

Senator Brian Schatz                                                  

U.S. Representatives:                                             

Representative Ed Case


Representative Jill Tokuda


Representative Aumua Amata C. Radewagen